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  • When does my membership fees get debited?
    All members pay theirs fees on the same day every fortnight. If you have joined in between the payment cycle you will have to pay the fees to the next payment date in advance on the date your membership begins along with any joining fess ( if applicable). This will be prorated depending on the number of days to the next payment cycle.
  • Can I freeze my membership?
    Yes, depending on your membership type you can freeze your membership for a maximum of 12 weeks at a fee of $2 per week. you will need to speak to gym manager to organise this. further information on membership freeze's can be got by clicking the terms and conditons link at the bottom of the page.
  • What happens if I miss a payment?
    We use Ezidebit as our third party payment provider, please refer to our terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page for more information. If for any reasons your circumstances have changed and you cannot afford to pay the gym fees any longer, please come talk to us we are here to help and will do our best to find a suitable solution for you.
  • Do you have WiFi for members ?
    Yes, we do, please speak to gym staff at the reception to get the password as this gets updated regularly.
  • Will the Gym have staff 24/7?
    The Gym is staffed during the following hours: monday to thursday 10am to 7pm friday 10am to 5pm saturday 10am to 2pm sunday and public holidays- the gym will have no staff
  • Can I share my access key tag with someone?
    Even though this seems like a good idea, Under no circumstances can you give or share your access key tag with anybody else. To protect the interests and ensure the safety of our members, offenders will have their membership terminated. Please read our terms and conditons for more information.
  • Do I need ID to join the gym and what froms of ID will you accept?
    Yes, you will need to show us your valid NZ photo ID ( Drivers License, Passport, 18+ card). We may take a copy of this for our records.
  • Can I get deal if I join with a friend?
    No, at Full Power Fitness we refrain from doing special deals for people as we value every customer equally and believe it is best everyone who joins gets the same deal. (unless you gave joined during pre-sales).
  • Do I pay more for PT sessions
    We have superstar personal trainers who are operating as individual contractors and you will need to pay them separately for their services.
  • Do you have joining fees?
    Yes, once the gym has opened we will have an Activation (joining) fee of $29 ( there are no joining fees during pre-sales). This Activation fee covers the cost of your key tag plus the direct debit set up fees.
  • I am under 18, can I join the gym?"
    Unfortunately, at this point we are not accepting members who are under 18 years old.
  • How do I cancel my membership and how many days notice do you need?
    Eventhough we hate break ups, we understand that life changes and people move on. You can cancel your membership by talking to us during staffed hours at the gym and we will do the needful. Our memebrships cancellation terms vary depending on the type of membership you are on. Please click here to read full terms and conditions.
  • My contact info has changed, how can I update this?"
    You can do this on the members log in section by clicking on the 'My Locker' tab on our website, or by talking to us at the gym during staffed hours.
  • I lost my key tag, what do I do?"
    Please come talk to us at the reception, you will be issued a new key tag. There is a cost of $10 for this.
  • Where can I find your full terms and conditions?
    You can find a copy of our terms and conditions by simply clicking this link HERE.
  • Can I take photos and videos in the gym?
    Yes, sure you can shoot videos and take photos in the gym and remember to tag us as your gym if they are for social media. However, please be mindful of the other members around you and it always seems like a good idea to ask them for their permission in case them may end up in your photo or video. if this is causing other members inconvinience, gym staff reserves the right to ask you to stop filiming immidiately.

Frequently Asked Questions

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